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12:00 PM

Tuesday February 7

Welcome Remarks

Welcome to Day 1 of the GovExec Workforce Summit.


Opening Keynote

As GovExec kicks off its first Workforce Summit, we’ll hear from a senior government official on the steps they’re taking to grow workforce development and wellbeing initiatives at their organization.

Headshot of Nathan Tierney

Nathan Tierney

Chief People Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer, Office of People Science, Office of Information and Technology

Department of Veterans Affairs

Keynote Interview

Headshot of Eric L. Dilworth

Eric L. Dilworth

Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Headshot of Chris Riotta

Chris Riotta

Staff Writer



Trending Now: A Closer Look at Workforce Surveillance

Each day, GovExec editors will explore trending workforce topics throughout the public space. In this session, Nextgov takes a closer look at the latest tracking and surveillance technologies used by organizations to monitor employees, and the impact of such actions on productivity and privacy.

Headshot of Jennifer Franks

Jennifer Franks

Director, Information Technology and Cybersecurity

Government Accountability Office

Headshot of Aaron Boyd

Aaron Boyd

Senior Editor



Tech Spotlight

In today’s modern government, workforce initiatives must be backed by the full capabilities of the latest technological and operational tools. This spotlight will zoom in on how tech innovations are impacting the workforce.


Emerging Technologies and Workforce Development

In this Agency Spotlight, the National Science Foundation walks through its new ExLENT program, how it was developed, and how it ties into workforce training programs across government agencies.

Mary Crowe

Program Officer

National Science Foundation


Trending Now: Grant Management

The historic wave of federal funding that started with the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan rolls on with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act. While these federal dollars bring immense opportunities to state and local governments, they also require resources and staff to handle the intricate ins-and-outs of grant management. How are states and cities handling this influx? And how are limited resources impacting who applies for these funds?

Headshot of Emily Brock

Emily Brock

Director, Federal Liaison

Government Finance Officers Association

Headshot of Robert Blaine

Dr. Robert Blaine

Senior Executive and Director, Institute for Youth, Education and Families

National League of Cities

Headshot of Bill Lucia

Bill Lucia

Executive Editor

Route Fifty

2:35 PM

Tuesday February 7

Closing Remarks

Day 1 of the GovExec Workforce Summit comes to a close — and we preview Day 2.